Maybe Quicksilver Doesn’t Have Super-Speed—He Might Warp Time, Flying at Light Speed Is Pretty Much Impossible—Unless You’re Han Solo, Here’s How Fast Harry Potter‘s Treasure Trap Would Kill You. well i think i'll give this round to sonic....quicksilver is wack unlike the flash....the flash beats em all by like a million miles...woohoo! I mean, he ran around the whole world in just 5 seconds and then punched Brainiac in the face. He previously fought Quicksilver in the 61st episode of Death Battle, The Flash VS Quicksilver. I can use this to find the real frame rate of the video. CW Flash is around high Machs supposedly in the twenties by the power ups he's been getting. The Flash. Wrong as in: Putting all of these lower end estimates in, his speed would decrease by (0.75*.75*.8 = 0.45). Quicksilver's never traveled through time or approached the speed of light like Flash did regularly before the Speed Force was even brought into the comics. This level of speed for Quicksilver is new. I always liked the Marvel super heroes better than DC. Originally, the Squadron was meant as an allegory for the Justice League, with Speed Demon playing the role of the Flash. What kind of acceleration would they have? One of the speedy members of Young Avengers, Speed resembles that of mutant Quicksilver. Quicksilver is the super fast superhero from Marvel Comics and sometimes an Avenger. The road runner is fast, but sonic is as faster than sound.higher than roughly 350,000 km. Maybe I'm wrong. ... Sonic will move more Faster if he pushes himself. Using just these clips, who is faster? It looks like there are water drops falling or something (the camera angle is also sideways). No matter what you do, I don't think you could claim a speed over 100 m/s in this case. In animation, Flash is so fast that he can be in front of someone one second and beyond them in literally the next second after that. Next, the Flash (or is it just "Flash"?) Sonic however has a speedcap around mach-2, only able to reach light speed under certain conditions . © 2021 Condé Nast. What if I assume a bullet speed of a 250 m/s? The Flash is faster than Sonic. I suspect many of you agree with my 8 year old child. Screenshot from Tracker Video Analysis plotting the motion of Flash from Youtube trailer. I am pretty sure that dude shooting an arrow is The Green Arrow. If I call this video time units sv (video seconds), then this is a plot of the falling water. But maybe he just didn't want to show off too much. Dizzle. That doesn't seem very fast for an arrow. Flash is faster than lightning. Just a note, I'm not very familiar with NY but I'm a good guesser. That is just how fast he is running. Road Runner has Toon-Force but hasn't shown to be FTL. Here you can see that from the slope of this plot Flash has an average x-velocity of about 316 m/s (706 mph). And yes, I know. Easily. Here is a screenshot from Tracker Video Analysis so you can tell what I am talking about. Related: 5 Sonic Toys All Fans Need To Own (And 5 That Are Really Bad). Here is the x-y data from Tracker. Much faster. Instead, I will just use something not quite perfect. All rights reserved. "Hey Flash!" I would rather see a race between Sonic, Quicksilvers, and The Flash. Sonic > Road Runner > Quicksilver > CW Flash > Rainbow Dash > Dash. Converting this to real seconds, I get. Flash is the super fast superhero from DC Comics and part of the Justice League. This would make Quicksilver's speed 4091 m/s (9151 mph). There is no doubt that the greatest superhero of all time is faster than the fan-favorite video game character. 156 votes, 38 comments. But let's hold on for a second. So if you're a fan of "The Flash" TV show, or the Flash in general, then you'll know that he can use his speed to do cool stuff like phasing through objects, throwing lightning, making wind, ripping someone's heart out, and of course - time travel. The Flash, on the other hand, can vibrate through walls and is apparently capable of traveling through time if necessary. Wired may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. Location: I don't know, they're constantly on the move - After Flash VS Quicksilver. Comparing these two isn't something new. Quicksilver takes about one step running in 0.416 seconds. He's always been one of the most popular video game characters, but now Sonic is reaching all kinds of new audiences. Faster than a speeding bullet. Marvel isn't exactly known for its speedsters, with Quicksilver pretty much being the only one of note in the whole universe.

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